Fellowship of Christ


Our children’s’ lives are similar to the USA Space Shuttle. The objective was a Space Transportation System (STS).

The STS consisted of an orbiter (the Space Shuttle), Solid Boosters, and an External Tank.

In Fellowship with Christ at NACBC a comparison would be:

  • The objective is for all NACBC Youth to know, have a relationship with, and to follow Jesus Christ. ( ie Fellowship with Christ 
  • The Orbiter is your son or daughter (much loved by us and God)
  • The Solid Rocket Boosters are the parents and parental guidance.
  • The External Tank is filled with beliefs, values, morals, emotions, intelligence, social behaviors, culture, attitude, skills, intellect, etc

When our children are first born and for their “formative” years – they are normally in a safe, secure environment and highly watched.

We might refer to this stage as being grounded.

This is the stage that is the easiest to monitor and some would say be able to make corrections or changes.

Realizing the STS is not placed on the launch pad until they are prepared and everything is ready for “flight”.

These are the elementary years (K-5, 6)

A lot of work takes place before and during this stage.

Once all the fundamentals are in place and all systems are “go” – a countdown to take off begins.  This is an exciting time!  This is a challenging time!  Second guessing, re-checking!

All parents, teachers, coaches, instructors, family, friends, and all those who have worked on, been a part of, or want the best for your student (no longer a child) look forward to this Stage – it’s exciting, but dangerous.

Upon successful takeoff many clap and are so happy.

Parents realize their children are no longer in the safe, secure, and protected launch pad area – NOW – they will be affected by the “elements” – expected and unexpected influences on their flight (life).

This stage is similar to entering Middle School.  Many changes are taking place.  Uncertainties abound – some miss the launch pad – some are trying to figure out what just happened!  Some have been trained and are feeling comfortable, but emotions are running wild!

However challenging – lots of fire, lots of turbulence, smoke, noise – you name it!

Good news is that the External Fuel Tank has been filled The Orbiter (Student) will continue to rely on the External Fuel Tank during its’ initial flight and will have two Booster Rockets (Parent and Parental Guidance) to assist it through a trying time in Flight.  There will always be a force to keep your student down (Satan, self, evil, temptations…. ). For the orbital this is called gravity a “natural” force to keep things on the earth.

Then comes a very trying time for the parents …..  the Booster Rockets need to be jettisoned

CAUTION!!!  If the Booster Rockets stay on or if one drops off and the other stays attached this can cause serious problems!!! 

At this point in the Student’s life – once again uncertainty arises.  The Shuttle (the Student) is reliant solely on their internal power now.  Please note at this time, for a little while longer the External Fuel Tank will stay with the Student. 

This will continue to “feed” the Student the values, beliefs, culture, norms that were filled prior to this flight and in a Student’s case also along these first stages of flight. This is similar to entering High School.

Please realize not all flights go as planned.  Some are changed due to “circumstances”, pilot error, control error, undetected defects, etc.   So many things can cause slight or major flight (life) path changes – many we have no control over!

Now another stage happens: The Booster Rockets left on their own, but now The External Fuel Storage is basically dropped/jettisoned and the Shuttle (the Student) again uses its own power to separate.  Thank goodness most of the time the Student has “internalized” those beliefs, values, skills that they will need and rely on throughout the rest of their flight.

Notice at this stage the Student (shuttle) is by itself.  The Student at this time is considered a young adult.  Making decisions and solely responsible for those decisions. 

This stage for many is going into college or the workplace.

Again, this can be a very trying time for the student – depending on who is piloting.

Please realize some Students have allowed the Master Commander to pilot their shuttle before launch.  Some on the launch pad or during takeoff or during some other part of the flight have allowed the Master Commander to pilot their shuttle.  Sadly, some Students will do their best in their own efforts to pilot their shuttle – again, this is a decision only the student can make.

We hope and pray your child, student, or young adult and all of us will turn over the controls, piloting, and command over to Christ.  John 3:16  automatic success!

As a parent who is Jesus?  For your family – who is Jesus?

It is awesome to know who Jesus is (please realize Satan and his minions “know” who He is), but a whole different life (flight) when we trust, obey, and follow Jesus!

That is why we are the Fellowship of Christ at NACBC.

To know more, please contact Youth Ministers - John and Terri at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5th and 6th grade  busy, parents in control, desire basic facts, a young person   

7th, 8th, and 9th grade  stay busy, parents in control and teens wanting control, desire to see how facts relate with one another, teenager 

9th,10th,11th and 12th  very little free time, teen/adult wanting more control, desire to see how things work and inter relate with one another, teenager/adult   

College/Work place  freedom, independence (parents have little to no control), desire to learn, experiment, and see how “things really work”.  

To Know, To Desire, To Accept, and Have Fellowship with Christ!