Student Ministry

Purpose of Ministry:

  To learn, accept, love and follow Jesus Christ

We as a group facilitate this purpose through Christ's unconditional love, grace and His Word.

What students say:

  • “I really like NACBC’s Fellowship of Christ youth group, because we can all connect with each other.” MZ
  • “NACBC’S Fellowship of Christ is a very good place where teens can learn about leadership, integrity, and God. It is a very good place to let out your feelings and school stress.” KS
  • “It’s for people that want to have a fun time, but also learn about God.” JK
  • “Our youth group not only worships the Word of God, but also participates in many activities.” IC
  • “NACBC’S Fellowship of Christ is so welcoming and all the leaders are so nice and warm.” AY
  • “Fellowship of Christ at NACBC is a chill environment to relax and learn about Christ. Everyone is nice and we really dig into God’s Word.” BK
  • “NACBC’s Fellowship of Christ has a very close community feel” DQ
  • “I enjoy participating in this fellowship at NACBC, because this group really brought out that sense of spirituality in me. I really enjoy fitting in and knowing there are others like me who believe in Christ. I want to thank NACBC’s Fellowship of Christ for making our joining together for our common beliefs possible here.” SH
  • “NACBC’s Fellowship of Christ is the most welcoming youth group I’ve ever attended.” JZ

NACBC Fellowship of Christ

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Fellowship of Christ

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