Pastor and Deacons


NACBC is actively searching for new pastor. May God bring His faithful servant to lead our church.

Deacons' Board

NACBC Deacons' board has 7 deacons. Each deacon's term is 2 year. Each deacon can have up to 2 consecutive terms. Deacon's board elects new deacons nomination committee. Based on the biblical principles,the committee nominates new deacons through rounds of voting process. Then All-Member Conference votes to confirm new deacons.

Each deacon board votes for Chairperson and Vice Chairperson and Administrator. The board for 2019 has

Chairperson:Brother Peter Wong(Worship)

Vice Chairperson:Brother Bin Liang(Education and Mission)

Administrator:Sister Teresa Huang(Finance & Accounting)

Caring:Sister Frieda Xu

Groups:Sister Norma Tang

Food Service:Sister Iris Wang